What started as one building has grown to a 22-building complex, covering Pella's history beginning in the 1840s.

Inside the Historical Village, you'll see...

  • The Boyhood Home of Wyatt Earp

  • The Beason-Blommers Mill and Blacksmith Shop

  • The Log Cabin, moved piece by piece from a local farm

  • The Werkplaats, the place where wooden shoes are made

  • The Sterrenberg Library and Delft House, which houses an extensive antique Delft collection

  • Scholte Church, a replica of Dominie Scholte's first church in Pella

  • Heritage Hall, which houses precious antiques, costumes, and vignettes of Dutch daily life, as well as Goliath, our authentic Dutch street organ

  • The Bakery, completely refurbished as a working bakery of the 1850s

  • The Meat and Cheese Shop, a tribute to the legacy of Pella's meat markets

  • The Sod House, a replica of the housing of Pella's pioneers during their early years

...and much more. We invite you to come explore all the wonderful displays, artifacts, and exhibits that the Historical Village offers.

Scholte Church, a replica of Dominie Scholte's first church in Pella

Boyhood home of Wyatt Earp

Interior of the Sod Hut

Beason-Blommers Grist Mill

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Vermeer Mill & Historical Village
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Scholte House Museum & Maria's Tea Room

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Scholte House

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Vermeer Mill Tours:

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