Province of South Holland

South Holland offers a wide range of sights and attractions with charming historic villages and islands that are ideal for hiking or cycling.

Many of its cities are magnets for tourism - The Hague, the seat of the Dutch parliament; the seaside resort of Scheveningen; Delft, most famous for its blue and white ceramics but also full of traditional architecture and tranquil canals; Alphen aan den Rijn, a 2,000-year-old city with many old shops; Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport; the city of Gouda, a "must" for cheese lovers--but also known for its syrup waffles (stroopwafels).

The windmills found in Kinderdijk are a part of the UNESCO heritage list and were built during the 1700s to keep the land dry. 

The women's dress of South Holland features an under bodice of brocade-type fabric. The over jacket and skirt are of a substantial materials, such as wool, velvet, or velveteen. Colors are black, bottle green, moss green, dark blue, dark gray, burgundy, or dark brown. 

The under bodice is a cotton fabric shell with an overlay of brocade-type fabric that will appear as a dickey under the finished jacket. The outfit features long sleeves and no apron, with the jacket waist length. The hat is a long, flowing piece of tulle edged in wide lace that is attached to a small lace crown. The width of the lace showed the wealth of the lady. There is a black undercap that completely covers the hair.