2021 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Alyssa Geetings

Court Members: Hannah Tschetter, Ashley Hardman, Olivia DeHaan-Burch, Tessa Brouwer

The 2021 Tulip Court is wearing costumes from the village of Volendam, located in the province of North Holland.

2020 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Hanna Kendall

Court Members: Molly Bolt, Ellie Roorda, Jocelyn Gritters, Courtney Chaplin

The 2020 Court is wearing costumes from the village of Urk, once an island in the Zuiderzee and now part of Flevoland.

2019 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Olivia Vander Leest

Court Members: Mary Kate Bandstra, Isabella Baugh, Camryn Huyser, Emily Schreur

The 2019 Tulip Court is wearing costumes from the province of North Holland, from the village of Huizen. 

2018 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Juliana Van Gorp

Court Members: Lexi De Jong, Tressa Vos, Naomi Tripp, Elyse Beukelman

2017 Tulip Time Queen & Court

Queen: Halle Van Vark

Court Members: Jennifer Van Haaften, Jessa Bokhoven,  

Hannah Emmert, Sophia Steenhoek

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