Pella Historical Society & Museums was started in 1935 by a group of dedicated Pella citizens with a passion and vision to preserve the history of Pella and to tell the story of its settlers in making a new home as they sought religious freedoms in America. The story begins with their journey to Pella from the Netherlands, continuing with their settling and developing Pella and the surrounding area, through to present-day Pella and the area’s history that we celebrate today. 

The Society is a 501-C3 non-profit with an annual membership of 400-500. The organization is under the guidance of a volunteer board with a full-time staff of 4 and part-time/seasonal paid staff of 15, supervised by a full-time director.


PHSM serves a pivotal role in the Pella community and area as the sponsor of the annual Pella Tulip Time during the first full weekend of May each spring. It is also the primary organization preserving key historic structures and artifacts of Pella’s founder, Hendrik Pieter Scholte, as well as other structures and artifacts important to the history of Pella.

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