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Tulip Queen & Court


The Pella Tulip Time Royal Court is the ambassador for Pella's Tulip Festival. The Court consists of the Tulip Queen and her four attendants. The Queen also chooses two pages and two flower girls to join the Court during the festival in May.

How are the Queen and Court chosen?

Senior girls from the community are nominated by Pella residents, followed by a town-wide vote to select the top twelve finalists. The candidates prepare for a night of interviewing and presentations before 30 judges. Each candidate first interviews with the judges in small groups. Next is the public performance, where each finalist gives a presentation of a talent or interest that depicts her personality. She will also be interviewed by the evening’s Master of Ceremonies. After the tallying of ballots from both the interviews and the public performances, the Tulip Queen and Court are announced.


What do the Queen and Court do?

Working with a committee affectionately known as the "Court Moms," the Queen and Court prepare a program and hone their interviewing skills throughout the winter. In the spring, they make approximately thirty appearances to promote Pella’s Tulip Festival. This includes the Capitol, local media stations, civic organizations, and more. The pinnacle of their reign is hosting thousands of tourists at the May festival. Additionally, after hosting the Orange City Royal Court in Pella, the Pella Court then travels to Orange City, Iowa, two weeks later to enjoy our sister town’s festival.


Why participate? 

Participants in the Tulip Time Royal Court grow in many ways. The young women grow in leadership, communication and organizational skills, public speaking, relationship-building, and much more. All of these skills are beneficial throughout their lives! Additionally, being a part of the Court gives members a deeper appreciation for their town, their families, and their heritage.

Pella's Tulip Queens and Courts

2024 Queen Mia Andringa

Attendants: Claire Braafhart, Olivia Cunningham, Alexa Klein, Ellison Ritzert

2023 Queen Cheyne Plants

Attendants: Tatum Carlstone, Anna DeNooy, Avery Verhoef, Ellie Wogen

2022 Queen Sarah Gritters

Attendants: Emily Buckingham, Kelly Dykema, Ashley Uitermarkt, Trinity Vos


2021 Queen Alyssa Geetings

Attendants: Tessa Brouwer, Olivia De Haan-Burch, Ashley Holdman, Hannah Tschetter


2020 Queen Hanna Kendall

Attendants: Molly Bolt, Courtney Chaplin, Jocelyn Gritters, Ellie Roorda


2019 Queen Olivia Vander Leest

Attendants: Mary Kate Bandstra, Isabella Baugh, Camryn Huyser, Emily Schreur


2018 Queen Juliana Van Gorp

Attendants: Elise Beukelman, Lexi De Jong, Naomi Tripp, Tressa Vos


2017 Queen Halle Van Vark

Attendants: Jessa Bokhoven, Hannah Emmert, Jennifer Van Haaften, Sophia Steenhoek


2016 Queen Maria Bandstra

Attendants: Taylor Bolt, Shanae De Haan Burch, Elyse Parisee, Anne Williamson


2015 Queen Eleanor Witt

Attendants: Megan Atkins, Emily Van Gorp, Jessica Vos, Leah Wilborn


2014 Queen Leah Blankespoor

Attendants: Mariah Eekhoff, Rachel Mueller, Sarah Muller, Faith Van Wyngarden


2013 Queen Marlee Bokhoven

Attendants: Elizabeth De Wolf, Kate Roozeboom, Erica Schulte, Heather Van Wyk


2012 Queen Alexa Zylstra

Attendants: Kelly Anderson, Hanna Martin, Sarah Van Maanen, Taylor Van Woerkom


2011 Queen Tricia Wisniewski

Attendants: Leah Engelbrecht, Rachel Greving, Karissa Schaudt, Kristi Van Wyk


2010 Queen Heidi Schulte

Attendants: Morgan Anderson, Courtney Kelderman, Bekah Posthuma, Sara Van Gorp


2009 Queen Morgan Kuiper

Attendants: Leah Dykstra, Karlie Monsma, Rachel Van Gorp, Aemelia Tripp


2008 Queen Allyson Huffman

Attendants: Cassidy Mejia, Robin Sadler, Nikki Sikkema, Emily Van Woerkom


2007 Queen Allison Vande Zande

Attendants: Katie Fetterman, Alison Muller, Sarah Slings, Katie Williamson


2006 Queen Leah Nieboer

Attendants: Lexi Kanis, Liesel Schroder, Sierra Smith, Laurel Van Dusseldorp


2005 Queen Marie Bruns

Attendants: Sara Steenhoek, Jennifer Van Ee, Ashley Van Soelen, Jill Van Vark


2004 Queen Jenni Van Wyk

Attendants: Alexis Baugh, Lindsay Graham, Megan McCombs, Katie Ozinga


2003 Queen Ashley Braun

Attendants: Katie Kniff, Amy Laug, Tiffany Pol, Elizabeth Terborg


2002 Queen Hillary Recker

Attendants: Amy Van Hall, Heather Vande Lune, Andrea Vander Wilt, Sarah Way


2001 Queen Randa Van Rheenen

Attendants: Orpah Schiebout, Jessica Van Zee, Jawnica Vaverka, Molly Vermeer


2000 Queen Jessie Kraayenbrink

Attendants: Kimberly De Bruin, Melanie De Nooy, Amy Jones, Stephanie Roozeboom


1999 Queen Elizabeth Schepel

Attendants: Rachel Henderson, Lindsey Kraayenbrink, Amy Steenhoek, Jessica Van Ee


1998 Queen Gina Bandstra

Attendants: Leah DeBoef, Angela Harms, Sharesa Olson, Suzanne Van Roekel


1997 Queen Jeanna Redman

Attendants: Sybil Sullivan, Carrie Van Maanen, Crystal Van Haaften, Shalene Van Wyk


1996 Queen Jill Verhey

Attendants: Allison Mulder, Livija Shannon, Julie Steenhoek, Crystal Vander Waal


1995 Queen Shanon Gutierrez

Attendants: Kara De Haan, Lynne Van Roekel, Jill Van Wyk, Teresa Zuidema


1994 Queen Tara Baar

Attendants: Lisa Blankespoor, Lisa Brass, Sarah Rinsema, Melanie Vernooy

1993 Queen Amy Vroom

Attendants: Michele Uitermarkt, Angie Van Arendonk, Darcy Vande Lune, Karin Vander Ploeg

1992 Queen Betsy Brandl

Attendants: Angie Ryken, Amy Van Vark, Amy Vander Werf, Heidi Vermeer


1991 Queen Jennifer Vander Werf

Attendants: Desha Craver, Alicia Dieleman, Ronda Goemaat, Mary Ver Ploeg

1990 Queen Heather Heiting

Attendants: Jill Dieleman, Holly Gosselink, Michelle Poortinga, Kelly Pothoven


1989 Queen Sophie Falcon

Attendants: Angie Dieleman, Tricia Steenhoek, Julie Vander Ploeg, Heather Wegter


1988 Queen Tonya Van Wyk

Attendants: Jennifer Brandl, Jaci Ryken, Elizabeth Smiley, Kim Van Dalen 

1987 Queen Patti De Nooy

Attendants: Julie Bogaards, Paula Jo Malin, Leslie Quade, Jill Van Zee


1986 Queen LeAnn Vander Hart

Attendants: Christy Blom, Jodi Den Adel, Kim Duven, Kendra Van Dalen

1985 Queen Geselle Mulder

Attendants: Sandy Gosselink, Kelli Kredit, Stephanie Te Ronde, Glenda Vander Waal


1984 Queen Beth Boomsma

Attendants: Patti Beintema, Julie De Reus, Carol Rooda, Julie Vander Wilt


1983 Queen Brenda Boomsma

Attendants: Christi Koopman, Amber Terpstra, Lisa Van Rheenen, Lucia Vande Kamp


1982 Queen Nancy Thies

Attendants: LeeAnn De Reus, Rosie Van Wyk, Lori Vander Leest, Ann Ver Meer

1981 Queen Kathleen Lucas

Attendants: Sandy De Zwarte, Val Newendorp, Laura Rozenboom, Lori Vroom


1980 Queen Monica May

Attendants: Andrea Busker, Renee De Boef, Patti Monsma, Norma Stursma

1979 Queen Marla Nieuwsma

Attendants: Becky Rietveld, Pam Ruiter, Lois Ryken, Julie Van Gorp


1978 Queen Mindy Roozeboom

Attendants: Bev Gritters, Julie Sadler, Wendy Van Zee, Carol Vander Leest


1977 Queen Kathy Thies

Attendants: Cindy DeJong, Jennifer Hoekstra, Carol Kanis, Lorene Rook


1976 Queen Ruth Van Gorp

Attendants: Vicki Beyers, Jaci Evers, Deb Kooyman, Lori Van Gorp

1975 Queen Carol Kuyper

Attendants: Lynn Hinga, Connie Jaarsma, Cassie Van Zee, Mary Vander Ploeg

1974 Queen Karla De Cook

Attendants: Peggy Engbers, Kim Renskers, Lola Vander Leest, Jaci Vander Wert

1973 Queen Marceta Roberts

Attendants: Kristy Engbers, Ruth Hagens, Marcey Overman, Beverly Vermeer

1972 Queen Emily Vander Ploeg

Attendants: Cynthia Butler, Carol Kooi, Ann Renskers, Gail Vander Ploeg

1971 Queen Tricia Steward

Attendants: Lisa Mills, Ruth Van Gorp, Barbara Vermeer, Connie Whalley

1970 Queen Sandra Vermeer

Attendants: Kim Evers, Judy Vande Krol, Sherri Vander Wilt, Kristi Vos


1969 Queen Andrea Ver Meer

Attendants: Ann Dahm, Janice Grandia, Carol Hedrick, Mary Ver Ploeg

1968 Queen Judy De Cook

Attendants: Barbara Mickmershuizen, Nancy Paris, Andrea Ver Meer, Mary Vermeer

1967 Queen Judy Grandia

Attendants: Barb Kuiper, Susan Snyder, Karin Van Zante, Karin Tucker


1966 Queen Mary Joan Farver

Attendants: Judy De Cook, Judy Grandia, Eunice Roorda, Carol Vander Ploeg

1965 Queen Elaine Schakel

Attendants: Judy De Cook, Lois De Jong, Lynn Van Tuyl, Pamela Wilson

1964 Queen Beverly De Cook

Attendants: Barbara Duven , Pamela Klein, Twyla Van Steenis, Pamela Wilson


1963 Queen Mary Ver Meer

Attendants: Beverly De Cook, Pamela Klein, Charlene Klyn, Mary Wing


1962 Queen Kathy Gosselink

Attendants: Sharon Breen, Judy De Jong, Pam Gaass, Elaine Schakel


1961 Queen Glenda Steenhoek

Attendants: Kathy Gosselink, Kay Kuyper, Kay McDonald, Karen Wesselink

1960 Queen Lois De Kock

Attendants: Mary Boat, Beverly Boatsma, Linda Tysseling, Karen Wesselink

1959 Queen Sandra Sels

Attendants: Shirley Groenendyk, Sandy Klein, Joan Nollen, Marlyn Van Ee

1958 Queen Hilma Schagen

Attendants: Marla De Wild, Sandy Klein, Bonnie Kuyper, Retha Stursma


1957 Queen Andrea Boat

Attendants: Sharon Bakker, Bonnie DeJong, Marleen Duven, Evelyn Dykstra

1956 Queen Sandra Cummingham

Attendants: Andrea Boat, Marleen Duven, Geraldine Rus, MaryLou Ten Hagen


1955 Queen Gwen Vanden Berg

Attendants: Sandra Cummingham, Ruth Dahn, Sara Gosselink, Lila Klein

1954 Queen Judy Cook

Attendants: Bernice De Geus, Eloise De Zwarte, Marsha Jansen, Sally Jo Verdught


1953 Queen Lou Ann LeCocq

Attendants: Arlene Jellema, Peggy Kuyper, Joyce Petersma, Martha Van Ekeren


1952 Queen Jo Ann Schagen

Attendants: Barbara Buyert, LouAnn LeCocq, Marlene Sels, Retha Vande Haar

1951 Queen Carol Versteeg

Attendants: Elisabeth Kempkes, Marlene Sels, Retha Vande Haar, Dorothy Ver Meer


1950 Queen Wilma Van Zee

Attendants: Elisabeth Kempkes, Nancy Van Mannen, Mildred Vander Veer, Carol Versteeg


1949 Queen Lorraine De Haan

Attendants: Beulah De Heer, Ruth Den Adel, Mildred Hugen, Elaine Vander Ploeg

1948 Queen Beverly Thomassen

Attendants: Bernice Heerema, Marylou Kamerick, Ella Jane Van Slittert, Verla Vander Streek


1947 Queen Ruth Vande Geest

Attendants: Uella Dingeman, Bernice Heerema, Bernice Jaarsma, Ruth Vogelaar


Pella's Tulip Time Festival was not held due to World War II recovery.


1944-1945 Queen Martha Van Berkum

Attendants: Francene De Prenger, Margaret De Wild, Phyllis Van Ee, Georgia Van Gorkom

The outbreak of World War II caused the court to remain the same for two years. There was no actual Tulip Time during these two years, but the court did fundraisers for the Netherlands to help with war relief.


1943 Queen Ruth Klein

Attendants: Virginia Carpenter, Carol Cook, Madeline Diekema, Jeanette Lankeima

1942 Queen Jeanne Van Gorkom

Attendants: Ruth Klein, Janet Vande Kieft, Marcia Versteeg, Theresa Wormhoudt

1941 Queen Marge Veenman

Attendants: Virginia Kempkes, Helen Klyn, Jeanne Van Gorkom, Lois Vanden Berg

1940 Queen Leona Schilder

Attendants: Virginia Kempkes, Helen Klyn, Martha Van Berkum, Marge Veenman

1939 Queen Bernace Vander Linden

Attendants: Margaretta Slobe, Janet Klyn, Leona Schilder, Martha Van Berkum


1938 Queen Virginia Van Gorp

Attendants: Anna Joyce Klein, Janet Klyn, Leona Schilder, Bernace Vander Linden

1937 Queen Freda Den Burger

Attendants Joan Kuyper, Bette Lankelma, Virginia Van Gorp, Leatanna Vander Pol


1936 Queen Leonora Gaass

Attendants: Virginia Van Gorp, Betty Lankelma, Martha Intveld, Ruth Heerema

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