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Land Acknowledgement

Through the decades, thousands of people have contributed to the history and way of life in this area - people of unique backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Pella Historical Society & Museums is proud of Pella’s Dutch heritage. At the same time, we recognize that the land we live on is historically home to those who were here long before Europeans arrived.


Specifically, this land was cared for by the Iowa people, or Báxoje, the Fox, or Meskwaki, the Sauk, or Êshkwîha or Yochikwîka, and the Sioux, or Očhéthi Šakówiŋ. These people created homes, raised their families, celebrated their beliefs, and preserved their environment, all on this land. 


We also recognize the violence that Native peoples have suffered at the hands of white people for centuries. They were forced from this space, their home, shortly before the Dutch arrived in 1847. For the cruelty, lies, and racism they suffered, we express our sorrow and our regret.


Join us as we give thanks for and celebrate the Native peoples who lived and continue to live in this place and across the continent. Their history is profound and important, and we acknowledge its significance today and every day.



For more information on the tribes who have lived here, visit the following resources.



Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi/Meskwaki:


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