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Paint a tulip to display at Tulip Time!

WOODEN TULIP STATUS: Tulips are out of stock, and we will NOT be restocking.

Please return your wooden tulips to the Museum Store by 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 24.

Help us spread spring cheer throughout the season by painting a wooden tulip! The first Pella Tulip Time in 1935 did not have any tulips, so a local woodworker made 125 four-foot tulips to display around the Square. This project is a nod to the history of Tulip Time, which you can read more about here.

Want to make your own wooden tulips? Our woodworkers use this stencil printed on regular 8.5" x 11" paper to cut them out on 1/4 inch fiber board.

  • Paint your tulip with bright colors! We are excited to see your creativity - it does not have to look realistic. You can even use extra items like sequins, ribbons, etc., but keep in mind that the tulips may need to withstand some rain or wind. You may want to put your name somewhere as well.

  • Return your tulip to the Museum Store by 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 24. We will distribute the tulips among beds who need a little extra color leading up to Tulip Time (May 2, 3, & 4). Keep an eye on social media for timing and photos!

  • Take home your tulip from where it was “planted” after 8pm on Saturday, May 4, or find it in the Museum Store beginning Tuesday, May 7. Alternatively, if you do not claim your tulip, we will store them for future museum uses.

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