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King For A Day Competition

Calling all the young princes and noble lords who claim to be rightful heirs of the throne to a royal battle! Your crown will have to be earned, not given. You'll need brains and brawn, not to mention an iron stomach, if you want to sit on the throne. Destiny awaits for only 16 brave competitors, so enter today and see if you have what it takes to be crowned King at King's Day - Saturday, April 30, in the Pella Historical Village.

  • Brains: Test your wits in contests of memory and knowledge! Are you smarter than a Dutch 5th grader?

  • Brawn: Test your strength in amazing feats of derring-do! How well can you sport a wooden shoe?

  • Belly: Test your stomach as you partake of Dutch favorites. Alka-Seltzer provided!


The royal festivities start at 9:00am, with our junior division battle for the crown beginning at 11:00am, and our adult division to follow. The adult division is open to any man 14 years or older, and the junior division is for boys under 14.


Enter today if you want to have a shot at the crown. The first 16 names entered per division will get into the contest. Once you register, we will send you all the information you will need to prepare for battle!

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